Laundry Opportunities

  • Reduce hot water costs for your laundry by as much as 90%
  • Save ±20% on water and sewer costs
  • Stop laundry from overheating
  • Reduce dryer time, temperature, & lint
  • Reduce linen budgets
  • Make linens whiter, softer and better smelling

Del Ozone

Conservation Solutions Corporation and DelOzone provide complete turnkey laundry ozone systems. We combine ozone technology along with laundry operation consulting in starting up and maintaining your laundry ozone systems.

In addition to providing a successful installation Conservation Solutions provides ongoing customer support with scheduled preventative maintenance checks to maintain the laundry ozone systems continued operation.

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Del Ozone Brochure

Benefits of Ozone


Domestic Water Use

  • Are water and sewer rates and cost rising for your building(s)?
  • Does reducing the water use as much as 50% make sense in your building(s)?
  • Who pays for the water and sewer costs in your building(s)?
  • Who uses the water in your building and do they care about efficiency?
  • How much water are you losing from leaks? – Do you know?
  • How do you detect water leaks and repair them?

Domestic Water Conservation = Big Savings with Quick Paybacks

Water rates and especially sewer rates have risen dramatically in the last few years. Conservation Solutions Corporation (CSC) has worked closely with our customers to dramatically reduce water use in buildings by installing state of the art technologies. CSC staff have plenty of experience with what works and what doesn’t work in the field. There are lots of options to choose from and we will work closely with you to identify what is best for your specific situation to provide water savings while optimizing system performance and comfort.

Services Provided

  • Detailed Water System Studies – From simple Water Closet (toilet) Replacement, Shower Replacement, Faucet Retrofit & Replacement (Restrictors), ADA products, kitchen water saving measures to more complex cooling systems, process water saving, irrigation, water re-use systems, water recovery systems, etc.
  • Economic analysis includes pricing, savings, simple payback and return on investment (ROI) calculations
  • Complete Installation Services
  • Water system troubleshooting and problem solving

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  • Are you irrigating when it rains?
  • What is the moisture content of your soil?
  • How much water do you really need to irrigate the grounds around your building? – Do you really know?
  • Why are you paying sewer charges for water that is evaporating or draining into the ground and never goes to the sewer?

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Cooling Towers & Evaporative Condensers

  • How much water is evaporating from your cooling tower or evaporative condenser? – Why are you paying for the sewer charge on water that never sees the sewer line?
  • How much water is blow-down from the cooling tower or evaporative condenser? Is it too much? Why?

Water Savings in Cooling Towers & Evaporative Condenser

Cooling Towers or evaporative condenser are typically the largest water users in a building. Cooling Tower or evaporative condenser can evaporate thousands and up to millions of gallons depending on the size of the system. There is also a very significant amount of water going down the drain with the blow-down to maintain cycles of concentration levels to minimize scale (calcite) build-up in the cooling towers, chillers, heat exchangers or evaporative condensers. Any reductions in water use in a cooling system can have an impact on reducing your water and sewer costs. Conservation Solutions Corporation recommends state of the art technologies to reduce water use in cooling systems including the SoftWave Solutions Electronic Chemical-Free Water Treatment Systems that reduce the blow-down on a cooling tower 15% - 50% depending on the quality of the city or well water supply.

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Chemical-Free Water Treatment

Water Efficient Filtration System for Cooling Towers

Conservation Solutions Corporation also recommends filtration systems including bag filters, sand filters and separators for larger materials (+50 microns). Filtration in cooling systems improves system performance and can help to reduce corrosion hat can be caused by anaerobic bacteria that can grow under dirt and debris that accumulates in the basin of the cooling tower or evaporative condenser and throughout the cooling system.

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Once Thru Cooling System Waste Water

  • Do you have systems in your building that use water to cool by running the water over a coil and the down the drain 24/7?
  • How much does it cost you?
  • Isn’t that a waste of your money?
  • What are the alternatives?

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Steam Systems

  • Are you losing condensate in your steam system?
  • How much make-up water do you use in your boiler? – Do you know?
  • Are your steam traps failing? Why do you have to replace them over and over again? – Is there a better way?
  • Do you have recurring problems with the steam systems – water hemmer noise, hot and cold zones, freezing coils?

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Steam Systems


Leaks in water system are often overlooked as insignificant. You may want to reconsider that assumption after looking at the chart showing how much water is lost from small leaks.

Leaks can also cause damage to the building as well as contribute to unhealthy mold growth if they go unrepaired.

Some Simple Questions…

  • When was the last time you checked for leaks in your building?
  • Does anyone report leaks in your building? Why? or Why not?
  • Do you have mold problems?

Conservation Solutions Services

  • Leak Detection Services
  • Submetering

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Water Savings – Repair Leaks
Water Loss Thru a Nozzle

Once Through Cooling

Once through cooling systems are sometimes still used in commercial buildings on old refrigeration equipment. Converting these systems to air cooled systems can save a significant amount of money and eliminate water wasted using once through cooling.

Once through process applications in industrial systems is also still a common practice. There are a number of technologies that enable industrial users to clean water and re-use the water in the process. There may also be better technologies available to perform the industrial process without wasting so much water using a once through water use approach.

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Water Re-Use

How many times can water be re-used before it goes down the drain? That is one f the questions asked by Conservation Solutions when we evaluate water use in a facility. There are many opportunities to capture water that can be re-used including capturing condensate from air handlers; regeneration from RO systems, cooling tower blow-down water is a tremendous opportunity.

Where can the water be re-used? - Irrigation, process applications, decorative fountains, fire retention ponds, recharging groundwater and many other possibilities.

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  • Do you know where and how much water you are using after the water comes through the building meter?
  • Are you monitoring your water use graphically so you can catch problems with overuse before they get out of hand?
  • Are tenants paying for their water use?
  • Are you billing for water use as part of your contracts?

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Sewer Abatement Programs

Many municipalities have programs where they will give you credit for water that is delivered to the building but does not go to the sewer such as irrigation water, cooling tower water that evaporates or process water that does not go to the sewer. Sometimes it is as simple as metering the water for that application to receive a sewer abatement credit from the Municipality.

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Swimming Pools

There are many opportunities to reduce water use in swimming pools and reduce the amount of chemicals used in the swimming pools.

  • SoftWave Solutions Electronic Chemical-Free Water Treatment
  • Ozone Systems
  • Pool covers
  • Pool levels
  • Leak detection

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Water Efficiency Services

About Water Efficiency

Water and Sewer costs are rising. The water and sewer costs are sometimes higher than heating costs in some facilities. Conservation Solutions Corporation takes a comprehensive look at opportunities to reduce water use by increasing efficiency. Conservation Solutions Corporation represents a line of water efficient technologies that optimize water use. We also know water systems and will engineer the best water saving System for your facility.

Conservation Solutions
Water Efficiency Services

Tell us about your water efficiency needs. We can help.
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