Vending Product Features:

VendingMiser is invisible to users

Equipment is powered up when anyone approaches the machine, and is powered down when the area is vacant.

Product integrity is maintained

VendingMiser measures ambient temperature and compressor current, repowering the vending machine as needed to ensure that cold product temperature is maintained.

VendingMiser use has been approved by Coke and Pepsi

VendingMiser has been tested by The Coca-Cola Company and The Pepsi-Cola Company and they have concluded that the VendingMiser has no impact on product quality or on the vending machine.

Product is always available for vending

The customer never sees a powered down vending machine.


About Plug Load Efficiency

Numerous on-site surveys have shown that 44% of all computer monitors and 100% of vending machines are left on after-hours.

Also, a larger percentage of computers are powered on but are left unused during the day? The average daily computer use is just 4 hours per day, meaning that approximately 35% of offices are empty at any given time during the workday.

Plug Load Solutions


  • Reduce vending machine electric costs 30-50%
  • Keeps the drinks cold
  • Approved by cold drink distributors such as Coke & Pepsi
  • Extends vending machine equipment life – Fewer Repairs
  • Data Sheet


  • A typical cooler uses approximately 460 watts or about $322 per year depending on prevailing electric rates
  • CoolerMiser utilizes a Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor to determine occupancy in the area around the cooler
  • Keeps the drinks cold
  • Data Sheet


  • A snack machine lighting and electronics typically draw 80 – 100 watts 24/7 including Holidays
  • Automatically powers down the snack machines when the SnackMiser senses 15 minutes of inactivity
  • Data Sheet


  • Cuts electric costs by as much as 50%
  • Turns off the computer monitor automatically when no one is around
  • Extends equipment life
  • Exceeds Energy Star by as much as 30x
  • No more software conflicts  


  • Utilities provide financial incentives for Plug Load Efficiency
  • Conservation Solutions will complete all the paperwork

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