The Regency Towers Experience

What's a building owner or Condominium to do? Regency Towers Condominiums of Stamford, Connecticut was having these kinds of problems. Morton Shapiro, the Condominium maintenance committee chairman was asking their contractor, Edgerton Heating and Plumbing, how to solve these problems and they recommended products and services offered by Conservation Solutions Corporation.

Steam System Study

Conservation Solutions Corporation, headquartered in Acton, Massachusetts, is a manufacturer's representative of unique guaranteed products for steam systems that require little maintenance. They also know steam systems and provide services to perform detailed studies of steam systems and solve steam system design problems. Mr. Shapiro called the people from Conservation Solutions Corporation. A Conservation Solutions Corporation steam system service technician came out to explain the Conservation Solutions services. Mr. Shapiro was impressed with the detailed understanding of steam systems and the extensive list of satisfied customers. After confirming the references provided by Conservation Solutions Corporation. Mr. Shapiro gave Conservation Solutions Corporation the "go ahead" to perform a detailed study of the steam system at Regency Towers. Conservation Solutions staff performed a detailed study of the steam system, which included data collection, and analysis of all equipment and understanding the steam system design and operation.

Proposal and Economic Analysis

Soon after the conservation solutions steam service technician came back with a detailed proposal recommending some steam system changes including adding insulation, some minor re-piping and repair, steam pressure reduction, repair of receiver pumps and installation of the SteamLoc® Technology Orifice Steam Traps to replace the old leaky mechanical steam traps. A detailed economic analysis of the project was provided including a 10-year life cycle cost analysis showing the clear benefit of using the SteamLoc® Orifice Technology over the old mechanical steam traps. The cost was slightly more expensive in the beginning but quickly became less expensive when viewed over time since the SteamLoc® traps will not have to be changed. The clincher was a 10 year performance warranty to solve their problems at Regency Towers. "These guys have the confidence to solve our problems and they are willing to put their reputation on the line to help us." Said Mr. Shapiro. The Condominium Board of Directors reviewed the proposal and gave their blessing.


The SteamLoc® Technology traps were installed with oversight and verification from Conservation Solutions Corporation staff. The SteamLoc® traps are operating on drip legs with constant steam and condensate loads and on varying steam and condensate loads such as hair handlers and well over 500 unit ventilators. Most of the project entailed retrofitting existing steam traps.

The Results

The system started up in the fall of 1998. The results speak for themselves: no more venting of steam in the boiler room, water hammer noise was completely eliminated and the energy bills have been reduced by $14,240 in the first year of operation. Conservation Solutions Corporation and the manufacturer also warranty performance of the SteamLoc® Technology for the next ten years since the SteamLoc® Technology traps have no moving parts and cannot fail in a properly operating steam system. Mr. Shapiro from the Regency Towers correctly concluded, "The key to the orifice trap technology seems to be accurate data collection and follow-up after the job is installed. Conservation Solutions Corporation takes care of the details and won't accept anything less than complete customer satisfaction. They even gave us an infrared temperature sensor to check on their performance. The condensate return lines and condensate receiver tank tells the whole story. They should be sub-cooled. Our receiver tanks now operate at 165° - 175°F with no water hammer noise. The numbers don't lie."

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